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Folks. When I say I need help. I need you to understand that my entire family paid the ultimate price and my story needs to be heard.

If you run a stop sign 🛑, they'll write you a ticket.

If you run a stop sign 🛑 and mortally wound someone, you get charged with manslaughter.

My ex has disobeyed every single court order.

Four court order violations, specifically, lead to the un- timely and absolutely unnecessary death of my mother, choking on her tears on Christmas Day and dying in a hospital from complications of a cardiac arrest. She had swollen thyroid pressing in to her trachea that she was awaiting routine surgery to remove, on the 28th. While waiting, she was on oxygen to help her breath. She received an upsetting phone call that she should have never received, per the court order. Near the end of a beautiful Christmas Day, surrounded by her loved ones, sharing a happy loving time. A threat she never should have gotten, upset her to tears. She choked. Went into cardiac arrest. Her husband of 58 years saw his wife for the last time on Christmas Day. Because they want to play games and exert power and control.

My ex blew passed four stop signs 😳

Four. 🛑🛑🛑🛑 vroooom. smack. Just keeps on driving.

But even sadder, had she respected even one of these four court orders, that threatening phone call would have never been made. My mother would have received the routine surgery scheduled for the 28th. And lived to a ripe old age, just like the women in our family before her. Who also went through the same thyroid issues. And the same thyroid surgery. And survived. My mom didn't get that chance.

My ex hadn't opened the court ordered OFW app in 5 months. As I am burying my mother, she gets on the OFW app to inform me that it is very inconvenient for her when I don't tell her my plans and it ruined her weekend.

For the first time in 58 years, my father didn't celebrate the following Christmas. He had bone cancer in his spine. I was there with him advocating for him in the hospital and helping him in has final days. He died just a year after he lost my momma. I have barely had the chance to grieve the loss of my mother, and here my father right after. My ex permitted our child two phone calls while I was there. The last phone call being Feb 2nd. I've been begging for FaceTime or phone calls. They are telling me that I abandoned my child, that I have hurt her by doing so, while the simultaneously deny her her own right to communicate with me. She leaves out of town on my weekend and the deputies shrug and say it's a civil matter. I had to send deputies to their residence just to get confirmation that our daughter was OK. Still no phone calls. Still not opening the messagss in the court ordered OFW app. I see that she sees the messages, she just never opens them. They are all marked, Never Viewed. Messages regarding our daughter's court ordered and rightful time with me on Father's day. Ignored. Multiple requests for communication. Ignored. On and on and on.

Help me get off of this nightmarish carousel of cyclic abuse and control.

Help me get the deserved justice for my mother and her surviving relatives that suffered a great loss 🙏

When folks play the lottery, I'll say, it'd never happen to me twice. I already won the lottery by having two of the greatest parents that raised myself and my siblings with absolute unconditional love. Four children. Five grand children. Two great grandchildren.

Happy men's mental health month. I feel orphaned to the universe. While my greatest starlight and single most profound human experience, gets taken from me. Again and again. My daughter is absolutely brilliant and she deserved better.

I'm searching for help but it feels like I am screaming into the wind. My voice, ethereal, just as it was when I was in the relationship with the narcissist and her narcissist mother. I'm dealing with two monsters on my own and can actively see my child's light being stamped out.

Death by a thousand cuts.

Flight Delayed


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