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Parental Involvement Protection Act

Does anyone know how to enact a law?


Parental Involvement Protection Act;

Making your right as a parent an inalienable right only to be infringed upon in criminal court.

A parent has an inalienable right to parent their child to communicate with their child to spend time with their child, and to be an influence in their child’s life.

No one should be able to deny this right without irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing. Not the parent, not the “child”, not the family law system.

A parents right to parent their child should only be taken away or impeded upon in the criminal courtroom not the family law courtroom and if you are being accused of anything that could infringe on your right to parent you are provided with legal representation.

The family law system would then not have the right to take away a persons in inalienable right to parent.

And if you are a parent impeding in the other parents right to parent you will faced with criminal charges.

And I’m no legal anything, as most of you know lol and this is the peek of my skills on my representation of this at the moment… but I’ve only just begun.

Anyone willing to assist me would be welcomed with open arms 🙂

And I’m sure it could encompass more rights as parents especially in this day and age!!



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