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Do You Suspect Parental Alienation in a Child?

When suspecting parental alienation, here are some signs to look out for in an alienated child:

1. Rejection or hostility towards the targeted parent: The child consistently expresses anger, disdain, or refuses to have any contact or relationship with the targeted parent.

2. Parroting of negative statements: The child repetitively uses negative phrases or accusations about the targeted parent, often mirroring the alienating parent's language.

3. Lack of empathy towards the targeted parent: The child shows a noticeable lack of empathy or concern for the targeted parent's feelings or well-being.

4. Unjustified reasoning: The child offers weak or baseless reasons for their negative attitude towards the targeted parent, often struggling to provide specific examples or details.

5. Fear or anxiety towards spending time with the targeted parent: The child exhibits heightened fear, anxiety, or distress when being left alone with or spendingtime...



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