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What is Parental Alienation

ParentalAlienationResource.Com is a culmination of things I’ve found online, books I’ve read, podcasts I’ve listened to, YouTube videos I’ve watched, questions I’ve asked AI, social media pages that I follow and have myself…and whatever else I find that pertains to our lives and our case.

It’s pretty much an online folder of everything that I’ve learned or found to be effective in our quest to save a father and his daughter, two people I’ve grown to love deeply. A Military Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Owner, a Man who’s driven more miles to see his child than most people will cover in their lifetimes, a man who’s employed and befriended thousands of people all over the world. There seriously isn’t a place that we don’t go and you’ll learn about us that we go everywhere and we go often…

When we went on our first date he and my best friend’s husband had a mutual great friend, a Costa Rican.. who they called during dinner. He meets tons of people daily! I have to tell him that we aren’t going here or there to make friends we are just getting what we need and getting out. Before we even go in the store :)

I’ve never met a person who touches so many other people. Now I’m not going to say he’s some passive limp hand shaking man because he’s the complete opposite, as you would expect from a Combat Veteran or a person who escaped death twice with two very serious cancers.

I made this page so I could keep up with everything I’m learning to save these two that I love and I decided to put it out there for anyone else in our position to use too. Now don’t quote me on anything do your own research, you may not have the same issues or maybe we just haven’t reached those issues yet… lol

Either way I’m going to keep adding what I find and if you want to contribute something to it let me know :)

And just so you're aware I'm adding a bunch of content daily to get this up and running so if you become a member of the site you will get an email notification of every one... so if you don't want that don't sign up yet :) it should slow down in a month or so.. maybe :)



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