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Tell Your Story!

Tell us your story! Please follow the guideline below. We may put your story in our book!

1. Can you briefly describe your experience with parental alienation?

2. How did you first notice signs of parental alienation in your relationship with your child?

3. What impact has parental alienation had on your relationship with your child and your own emotional well-being?

4. Have you sought professional help or legal assistance to address the issue of parental alienation? If so, please share your experiences.

5. How have you attempted to maintain a connection with your child despite the challenges of parental alienation?

6. Have you found any coping mechanisms or strategies that have been helpful in dealing with parental alienation?

7. How do you communicate with your child during periods of alienation?

8. Have you tried any reunification efforts or interventions to repair the relationship with your child? If so, what were they, and what were the results?

9. If you have successfully navigated the challenges of parental alienation, what advice would you give to other parents going through similar experiences?

10. Are there any resources, support groups, or organizations that you have found particularly helpful in dealing with parental alienation?

Copy and paste the questions above, no names please. 

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