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Address Parental Alienation and Provide Remedies for Affected Parents and Children

There are several options that could be considered to address parental alienation and provide remedies for affected parents and children:

Clarifying the Definition of Parental Alienation: One potential update to existing laws could involve incorporating a clear and comprehensive definition of parental alienation. This would help ensure consistent understanding and application of the concept within the legal system.

Legal Consequences for Perpetrators: Updating laws could include provisions that assign legal consequences or penalties for individuals found to be engaging in parental alienation. This could range from fines to more severe actions, depending on the severity and impact of the alienation on the child and targeted parent.

Remedies for Affected Parents and Children: Laws could be updated to provide remedies and support for parents and children who have been affected by parental alienation. This could include access to counseling services, parenting education programs, and supervised visitation arrangements aimed at rebuilding and preserving parent-child relationships.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities: The reevaluation of custody and visitation laws could also consider the allocation of parental responsibilities in cases where parental alienation has been identified. This might involve adjusting custody arrangements to minimize the influence of the alienating parent and protect the child's best interests.

It's important to note that these potential updates are just suggestions and may not reflect the exact changes that will be implemented in South Carolina. The specific details and provisions of any updates would need to be determined by lawmakers and legal experts through careful consideration and stakeholder input.



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