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Charleston County Family Court Fails to Acknowledge Veteran Father's Rights

A plea for action as a deserving father faces unjust denial of visitation and constant parental alienation, while the Charleston County Family Court system remains indifferent to his plight.

Date: Tuesday August 15, 2023

Charleston County - The Charleston County Family Court system is facing severe criticism as a Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran Business Owner, two-time cancer survivor, and esteemed member of society fights tirelessly to regain his rights as a father.

Despite his exemplary character and numerous contributions, he has been subjected to relentless denial of visitation, harassment, and coercive control by the child's mother, leaving him isolated from his own daughter.

In an alarming turn of events, the courts have failed to recognize the gravity of the situation, dismissing the father's claims and perpetuating the cycle of parental alienation.

Despite being granted an examination specifically addressing the issue of alienation, the appointed guardian ad litem allowed an unqualified individual to conduct the assessment, undermining any chances of a fair evaluation.

Adding further fuel to the fire, the court-appointed therapist, whose role is typically to support families and children affected by parental alienation, has inexplicably refused to acknowledge the presence of alienation in this particular case. Both the guardian ad litem and the therapist have seemingly allied themselves with the alienating parent, exacerbating the father's struggle for justice.

Disturbing evidence has emerged, shedding light on the mother's inappropriate behavior and neglectful actions. A forensic analysis of the child's phone has revealed over 250 photos and videos of the then 12/13-year-old child engaging in provocative behavior while listening to highly sexual music.

Additionally, instances of truancy were uncovered, with the mother failing to ensure regular school attendance throughout elementary and middle school. Shockingly, the analysis also uncovered articles on how to pass a drug test, along with conversations where the mother admitted to receiving drugs from a neighbor.

Despite this compelling evidence, the guardian ad litem failed to present any of these findings to the examiner, who, in turn, omitted crucial details from the report, such as the mother's inability to control her anger and her continuous manipulation during the evaluation.

Recently, the father had his daughter for a two-week visitation period, during which the child experienced positive and memorable moments, as testified by over 20 individuals who interacted with them. However, following a court hearing on July 20th, the father has once again been subjected to the unjust denial of his parental rights, leaving him uncertain about future visitations or communication with his beloved child.

We, as concerned members of the community, must rally together to demand justice for this loving father. The Charleston County Family Court system must be held accountable for their failures and biases exhibited in this case, while the father's rights must be reinstated without delay.

This is an opinion piece provided with the knowledge of this case by a third party and may not reflect the actual thoughts of the father but is believed to be factual in its content.

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