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Navy Combat Veteran Stripped of Parental Rights: Seeking Justice for a Loving Veteran Father

Allegations of Bias and Injustice Rock Charleston County Family Court System

Date: August 20, 2023

Charleston County, SC - A navy combat veteran and Service Disabled Veteran Business Owner, known for his upstanding character and dedication to his community, has been left devastated after the Charleston County Family Court system inexplicably stripped him of his parental rights to his only child.

Despite being an involved and loving father with a clean record, he has been informed that supervised communications will now be mandated between him and his child, leaving him and his supporters shocked and seeking answers.

It has been nearly one month since this heart-wrenching decision was handed down, blindsiding the veteran and leaving him without any explanation from his attorneys or the court. This sudden ruling has left him unable to understand why his rights as a parent have been taken away, especially considering his time spent with his child and the clear documentation of his parenting time granted through a final order from his divorce many years ago.

What further complicates this painful situation is the disturbing history of the veteran's ex-wife, who has repeatedly weaponized their child against him both prior to and since their divorce. Allegations of restricted communication, denied parenting time, and the manipulation of court proceedings by involving their child have been raised against the mother. These actions have only intensified the veteran's determination to protect his relationship with his daughter and seek justice.

However, the veteran's pursuit of justice has been hindered by a series of incompetent and self-serving attorneys, as well as a guardian ad litem (GAL) who has displayed undeniable bias towards the mother. Despite having knowledge of the child's truancy issues, unsafe internet usage, and the mother's ongoing alienation tactics, the GAL has failed to act impartially, undermining the legitimacy of the court proceedings.

Even the court-appointed therapist, initially eager to assist in repairing the damaged father-daughter relationship, has now seemingly turned against the veteran. This unexpected shift in the therapist's stance has added to the sense of injustice felt by the veteran, who had been hopeful that the professional would help bridge the divide between him and his daughter and revive their once happy healthy relationship.

In an effort to rectify the situation, the veteran was awarded a parental alienation examination against the child's mother and for the child. However, the GAL approved a doctor who discredits the examination due to its absence from the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), neglecting crucial evidence against the mother. This disheartening turn of events has left the veteran questioning the integrity of the court-appointed professionals involved in his case.

Despite these obstacles, the veteran remains determined to fight for his rights and the best interests of his daughter. In June, he had a two-week visitation period with his child, during which time she had the opportunity to bond with him, his fiancé, and numerous witnesses who observed their loving relationship firsthand. Over 30 individuals who have witnessed the strong bond between father and daughter have expressed their support through heartfelt letters, pleading for their reunification.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to shed light on this distressing case and rally support for this military veteran who deserves justice. Accountability needs to be demanded from those responsible for impeding upon his rights and tearing apart the bond between a loving father and his daughter.

In the spirit of raising awareness, it is our collective responsibility to share this story and advocate for the swift reunion of this deserving father and his daughter. Let us stand together to ensure that justice is served and families are protected from the devastating consequences of bias and injustice within the family court system.

Please share your support for this father as he is not only a good father, Vetran. business owner, friend who touches many lives he is also a 2 time cancer survivor who won't admit it but the stress of all of this is taking a toll on his already poisoned body. Please help reunite this father and daughter before it is too late and all she has are distorted memories due to her mother's manipulation and the many stories from his adoring fiancé and friends.

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