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The “Untouchables” in Family Court Parental Alienation Cases.

Attorney, Counselors, GALs, “Experts”, in a family law cases, if you know there's even the slightest question of any kind of sexual abuse or physical abuse towards a child would you cut off the access of the parent who hasn’t been suspected of child abuse and only provide access to the parent who has and is…


So why do you do that to children and parents of parental alienation? You are taking away the child's more often than not safe parent and leaving them with the constant stress and manipulation of their abuser.

If you had even the suspicion of Parental Alienation, Aka: mental child abuse, domestic violence by proxy, coercive control. (I think you get the picture). Would you consider that to be anything to take seriously and be concerned about, even in the slightest.

What if you received a report from William Burnett, Amy J Baker, Dr. Alan Blotcky? VERY highly regarded professionals in the field of PARENTAL ALIENATION would you find any concern then? Would you cut off all communication with the non-suspected perpetrator of child abuse then...

What if the above mentioned experts agreed to work with you and the counselors and therapists assigned to the case? Would you accept their assistance or deny it because it doesn't fit your narrative? Would you speak with them yourself or suggest the child's counselor speak with them? Would you be the least bit concerned of their findings? Would you give any merit to their conclusions? Or would you simply ignore them and belittle their claims of child abuse because as an Attorney, GAL, counselor or expert you believe you've handled enough cases, they can't possibly know more than you.

How concerned are you with the mental abuse of a child? You claim to have removed children from one parents life because it's been said they don't say the words teenagers want to hear. Yet you give full unfettered access to the one suspected of prolonged child abuse.

I don't believe there will be a court day long enough to convince anyone that this is right and people shouldn't know you make these kinds of decisions.

Just sayin...

Do you believe because you have a few letters of recommendation" from the parent suspected of parental alienation, with a few words from a couple people from the alienating parent's previous home state, the one that they lived in for how many years... And a few comments from some people they've known in their new location for a year. #solid The word of a suspected alienator and the potentially alienated teenagers who know if they tell the truth about the situation then the alienated parent will turn their back on them and they won't get all of the freedoms and gifts from the alienator and the alienators family that they have been promised.

Now you're either busy, ignorant or you are assisting in the Parental Alienation. I believe the term for assisting someone in something is a accomplice. And if you are doing this you are assisting in mental child abuse, domestic violence by proxy, coercive control. (I think you get the picture)

And if you would like to stick to your narrative that "it's not in the DSM-5 so you don't have to expand your brain and learn something, do something, stand for something, then you should be responsible for the outcome of your decisions. Just as you would be in a physical child abuse case, abduction or death of a child.

"Professionals are sued all the time for their negligence what makes the court system and those who work in it or with it believe they are #UNTOUCHABLE

If you have been wronged by the family court, GAL, court ordered counselors, court ordered experts or Judges please email

Together we will bring Justice to the "Justice" System and give the rights back to parents!



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