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A Story of an Alienated Mother by the Paternal Grandmother and the Humboldt County, California “Family” Court System

My daughter is in court in Humboldt County, California and the judge has not allowed her or her attorney to talk and he granted permanent guardianship in 6 mos to the paternal grandmother.

The father passed away from cancer and his mother is trying to get a wrongful death lawsuit but she needs to have the kids to get the money.

She lied on the ex parta order with no notice to my daughter. It was proven what she wrote was a lie but the judge still granted guardianship and my daughter is only allowed two visits a month and are to be supervised by the guardian.

There is so much that it is overwhelming. CPS can not understand how this has happened. My daughter also has an infant. It makes no sense how two of my daughter’s three children have been given to the paternal grandmother. The grandmother does not allow the children to even speak to their mother or me the maternal grandmother if they see us in public. They have to act like they don’t know us or they get in trouble.



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