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Charleston County Family Courts Under Fire for Alleged Abuse of Power & Civil Rights Violations

"The Charleston S.C. Family Court System is currently under intense scrutiny and facing demands for an immediate investigation following the unjust revocation of a Military Veteran's parental rights. This shocking incident has raised concerns about due process and just cause.

The Veteran's Fiance, who witnessed the corruption firsthand, has taken it upon herself to bring these findings to light. Through the creation of the website and various social media platforms, she has connected with other families who have experienced similar injustices involving the same individuals in Charleston and surrounding counties.

Her relentless pursuit of justice has led her to uncover a potential network of attorneys, Guardians ad Litem (GALs), and counselors suspected of engaging in malpractice, custodial interference, civil rights violations, perjury on Court documents, collusion, and other serious infractions.

The story revolves around a loving father and decorated military veteran who, despite having a strong bond with his child and no history of abuse or neglect, had his parental rights unjustly stripped away within the Charleston County family court system.

Further investigations into this case have unveiled more distressing stories from other families, highlighting irregularities and questionable practices within the S.C. family court system.

It appears that a group of attorneys, GALs, and counselors may have colluded to manipulate court documents, misrepresent evidence, and conspire against certain individuals involved in custody disputes.

Civil rights organizations and concerned citizens argue that these alleged actions not only violate the constitutional rights of parents but also undermine the principles of justice and fairness that are fundamental to our nation. They emphasize that individuals, especially those who have dedicated their lives to serving the country, should not have their rights disregarded without proper due process.

Advocates are urgently calling for a thorough investigation into the family Court system in Charleston and surrounding counties to uncover the truth behind these troubling allegations. They insist on a complete review of cases handled by the suspected attorneys, GALs, and counselors to determine if there is a recurring pattern of misconduct, custodial interference, and civil rights violations.

The urgency for swift action arises from the potential harm inflicted upon numerous children and innocent families who have been subiected to this alleged abuse of power. If substantiated, the implications could be far-reaching, casting doubt on previous rulings and decisions made by the implicated professionals.

As this story continues to unfold, it promises to shed light on the systemic issues plaguing the family court system in Charleston and surrounding counties. The fate of numerous families hangs in the balance as those working towards restoring confidence in the fairness and impartiality of the court system delve deeper into these disturbing allegations,

If you believe you or your family have been or are currently victims of the Family Court System in Charleston South Carolina or surrounding counties, we encourage you to reach out via email to Stay tuned for further updates as the investigation progresses and strives to bring justice to those affected.


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