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Children Lose Their Father to Cancer and Their Mother to Parental Alienation

From 2016-2019 I was a stay at home mom. Father and I shared 50/50 custody week on week off Friday to Friday from October 2019 to March of 2021. The weeks I didn’t have my children I drank. That was able to be used against me. At which point I was ordered supervised visitation and never missed a visit April of 2021. I voluntarily attended crossroads a residential treatment facility for alcohol from July 2021 until October 2021. Having unsupervised visits.

After treatment I was given unsupervised over night visits November of 2021. We were set to go to mediation February 2022 however father was in treatment and couldn’t attend. He sent an email with a proposed agreement of every other weekend until school was out then we’d do 50/50 custody come summer of 2022. Fathers treatment took a turn for the worse and our children came to live with me full time. From may of 2022 until July 2023 there has been reoccurring issues with paternal grandmother despite my constant effort to keep their fathers side of the family included in their lives.

From July 2021 to July 2023 I’ve had TWO isolated relapses. March 2023 and July 2023. After my relapse in July of 2023 I immediately reached out and got into intensive outpatient therapy! I did not have one positive test for alcohol while attending Healthy Moms and have remained alcohol free for almost a year now. I gained many tools from the groups and I’m thankful I was attending the Healthy Moms Program when Paternal grandmother got ex parte orders for temporary guardianship of my children with no notice to me.

After obtaining her temporary orders my children were picked up from summer school by a male claiming to be their step dad. And to this date neither myself or my mother (maternal grandmother) have been served anything regarding petition for guardianship.

When there was no visitation ordered after my attorney requested in court guardian told me video calling was sufficient and as of the court hearing on November 16th I had a total of 10 hours of visitation with my children! 5/30/2024 we went to court where I requested for every other weekend overnight.

My children had a counselor that I had them established with that guardian continued to have them see until the counselor didn’t testify the way guardian wanted. I had no knowledge my children were seeing a new counselor however guardian brought a new letter from a counselor she obtained for the children in May of 2024 where paternal grandmother attended two visits WITH my children and the counselor recommended I not be around my children as they show fear when my name is mentioned!!!

In a CWS case when children are taken parents get a MINIMUM of four hours a WEEK. I had 14 HOURS in FOUR MONTHS to start! And now I’m down to getting 10 hours. A MONTH WITH HER SUPERVISING! (Against my attorneys objection)

I find out from my children they’ve had numerous medical appointments without guardian notifying me. My daughter was enrolled in gymnastics and it was said I can’t be there because I would start a fight with her aunt and her dads ex girlfriend which would make them uncomfortable if I were to attend my daughter’s gymnastics. However said aunt came to my sons last soccer game with no issue between her and I. So there’s question am I my children’s mother not allowed to attend their events because of their fathers ex girlfriend attending? The same said exgirlfriend that guardian used as a “neutral party” for our first visit. And the same ex girlfriend that guardian took back when my daughter went under for general anesthesia and wouldn’t allow me back.

We had our final trial date January 31st 2024 also my oldest son’s 8th birthday. Of which guardian did not allow me to spend any in person time with my son nor did the judge order visitation as requested on his birthday so for the first time in 8 years we didn’t spend in person time together however he FaceTimed me from the time he got home til he had to go to bed.

Now paternal grandmother was allowed to go to court with more lies and no proof and my visitation has been reduced to 5 hours every other weekend with paternal grandmother as my now court ordered supervisor. My testimony at one point was said to not be credible because guardian forged my signature and then tried saying I did it because she found a signature that was done on my phone and tried abbreviating it the same way. My response was

Your honor while I did not recall signing my name like that because it was one time I’m ok with that being used as grounds to not acknowledge my testimony it was a minor mistake of simply forgetting. Her “agreement” with “my signature” doesn’t mean I did it just because she found an abbreviated signature of mine done over the phone. My testimony was coborated by many other eye witnesses. With that said if my testimony isn’t acknowledged then I’d request paternal grandmothers testimony be disregarded as well being she testified under penalty and perjury that I was suicidal many times and even grabbed a gun! Testified by many including officers that I was not suicidal ever and there was never a gun is a major lie on this matter and i request paternal grandmothers testimony be thrown out and my children be returned immediately.

She has not held up to the court order of informing me of what’s happening with my children. My daughter had kindergarten graduation that I was told wouldn’t happen. My son had awards for baseball that I wasn’t told about. She’s gotten them a new counselor that recommended my children fear me and she never made me aware of the fact she was switching their counselor.

In the court room my attorneys I’ve had don’t get acknowledged. I don’t get acknowledged. I was never given the option to reunify. I was never proven unfit. The courts have put information in their court findings that are false and there’s evidence contradicting the findings.



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