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From Fighting For Her Life to Fighting For Her Children. One Mother’s Parental Alienation Story.

In 2015 while separated from my now current ex husband in Florida I was in a motorcycle accident. He took the kids to Ohio filed for an order preventing them from leaving Ohio and divorce. I was in an ICU.

He was granted primary custody, with discretion of visitation. One year later after I was out of burn therapy I moved to Ohio and began fighting for visitation. In 2018 the court ordered reunification counseling in Ohio , as he was preventing all communication and visitation.

I paid for the counseling, and prepared to begin the healing process for my children. He delayed through mediation multiple times and finally in 2020 He moved them back to Florida and never brought them.

Beginning of 2022 we started the process again in Florida. 2024 we have finally got a final hearing due in July. My kids 17, 16, 14, 12 have dealt with this trauma now for 8 years. My oldest three are very angry with their father as I volunteer at their school, and that’s the only time I have meaningful time with them.

Two of them are blocked from even talking to me because they both expressed in writing their fear of their father, how they want to be with me and what this has done to them. Parental alienation has robbed my children of love, respect and life. 

My oldest two boys have openly said they cannot wait to turn 18, their deep love of me and how any person could do this. All while their father still says it’s because of “their best interest” they are doing this.

I’m a married professional, zero history of drug or alcohol abuse, no criminal record and married to a physician for the last 6 years. Their father to me says this is because I choose to break up our family this is my punishment. Without realizing he is punishing them too. 

One of the things that will forever haunt me is my ex husband told me one of my children died to get a rise out of me. During our separation he broke into my home and cut up all my clothing and removed the children while we were asleep. The people who commit this crime typically were abusive and had abusive behaviors but you never think someone would go far enough to not obey orders, move the kids multiple times across the country and use the children as weapons. 

The positive has been bringing light to those committing these acts of abuse. I will never get back my time with my 8,7,5,3 year old when this started. I had to miss so much time. Unfortunately, the court system is used as a weapon. 

-An Alienated Parent


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