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Parents & Family Members Impacted by Parental Alienation Plead with the United Nations

The UNSRVAW has ignored contrary evidence, including accounts of women victims and esteemed experts in the field, and broken her promise to publish the submissions she received. 

The UNSRVAW recommends States prohibit parental alienation from being considered in family law cases.

The UN Human Rights Council are due to vote on a resolution for this in its 53rd session commencing 19 JUNE 2023. There are no speakers scheduled to present an alternative view to the UNHRC.

There is a high risk for consequential harm to women (and men) victims of domestic violence and vulnerable children if the UNHRC acts on the Report.

A UNHRC resolution will disenfranchise people of their human rights:• children of their rights to know and be cared for by their parents pursuant to Articles 7-9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, • children and parents of their right to a fair trial, • children and parents of their rights to family life.

What Parents and Family Members Affected by Parental Alienation are Saying;

I am an alienated father, my case was heard over 4 years and the evidence submitted proved without any doubt that my children are victims of parental alienation, and contrary to what others say, it was the court themselves who brought up the question of PA being a factor, I had never even heard of PA at this time.

The evidence was overwhelming and damning.

I have my court documents which made a finding of PA and am happy to share name redacted copies, also court location redacted to prove to anyone that my children's mother is indeed guilty of enacting the venal brainwashing of my children, who adored their father prior to brainwashing them away from their father, whom court determined no safety issues with reference to myself whatsoever.

It should be recorded as a criminal offence, but incredibly still is not. - Matt H

I have a friend who is alienated from one of her sons because of her ex husband's narcisism trying to get back at her. It has broken her. - Janet J

There is a considerable and growing body of credible research evidence showing that parental alienating behaviour is real, not gender-specific, and extremely harmful to parents and children alike. -Anton L

I am an alienated parent. I haven't seen my daughter for 7 years. Parental alienation is a form of abuse against children, who are coerced, manipulated and emotionally abused, and against the alienated parent. It causes long term psychological harm. Domestic abuse and child abuse are crimes and should be dealt with and prosecuted as are other forms of abuse. -Eleanor M

Family law in Australia is biased towards mother and has nothing to do with child welfare and everything to do with extracting money from fathers. It's a national disgrace. Judges are clueless and corrupt.

-Deryk P

It is time to help affected children and it is time to clear up false allegations and false theories that always come from a direction where child protection is not the first priority. - Rebecca K

I have experienced alienation and it is very traumatic for families and their children. - Corrine

Parental Alienation Syndrome is serious children abuse that is happening in South Africa, and RSA justice ⚖️ system is continuing to turn a blind eye in this form of child abuse. -Thembi N

Parental alienation is the worst form of child abuse. It should be put to an end immediately. -Riddhi B

I am an alienated mother and I support all alienated parents. Parental alienation is not a legal ploy this is real and damaging child abuse designed to punish the other party, get financial gain or simply that the other party does not want to share their perceived possession. Every child deserves two loving parents and not to be used as a pawn in a war. -Renate D

This is critical to the freedom of children from the alienating, toxic behaviour of the vengeful parent.

-Shared Parenting For India

Parental alienation affects Mums, Dads and extended family. Domestic violence is not just happening to women and girls it affects Men and boys as well. -Donna N

I am a woman who watched my partner have his three beautiful boys alienated against him for no reason other than she didn't like that we had found happiness with each other.... this is VERY real. Don't be naive. -Emma

Children are not property and have the right to a relationship with both parents. -Stephanie D

I am the founder director of Split the Difference an organisation born from 6 years international research into the inequality for boys and men. We are currently running a UK campaign for a violence against boys and men strategy due to the gross neglect of their needs and the disproportionate discrimination they experience in services and government spending. I have created and delivered procured services for over 20 years.

Prior to this worked within social services and homelessness and through my work , my education and experience, through well researched academic research what we know is that parental alienation exists, it has a specific set of behaviours that can be measured and show traumatic impact on children that is undeniably evident. -Salle Anne B

If parental alienation is not real then why do we have so many children spewing hate toward one parent? Does that not tell a story? BOTH mothers and fathers are victims of PA. PA is child abuse and those that do not recognise it are contributing to generations of children who grow up with mental health issues due to being denied safety with the REAL loving parent. Blood is on YOUR hands when you deny PA. -Sarah R

Parental Alienation does exist, and is not gender specific. It's time the legal system acknowledges this form of control ! This is damaging innocent children and breaking innocent parents ! -Jenny T

I am an alienated mother. The immense grief this has caused to my family and the irreparable harm for the children who have been alienated is unmistakable. I helplessly watch as their lives have been destroyed under the alienating parent -Marijka J

Alienated parents have not been able to have a voice in Court systems globally. We live with abuse on a daily basis so can only imagine what it is like for our children when they are unnecessarily involved due to the dysfunctional parent. Please learn more about trauma and parental alienation. I have been robbed of parenting and my child has been completely cut off from me and my family. I am watching the damage from afar and can do nothing to help her. It's excrutiating as a parent. -Louisa W

I have not seen my daughters for 8.5 years because of Parental Alienation. -Christine W

There is extensive research that is being ignored here. I have generational parental alienation, losing my mum to this form of abuse, then later lost my children for half of their childhoods. I am the founder of Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation. We specialise and do research on this form of abuse. -Amanda S

I think the situation needs looking at and the whole system needs an overall alienation is abuse not only to children but the parents who love thier kids should not have that family bond taken away it's wrong the whole system stinks -Rita M

I'm paternal grandmother and have not seen my grandchild for 3 yrs . He is being alienated by his mother from his father and grandparents. He was extremely attached to them but this type of pressuring the child into avoiding his own family is no less than child abuse . It's a crime. Parental Alienation is the worst form of child abuse. It needs to be addressed by ensuring that a child enjoys love of both parents and extended families. Please implement shared parenting. -Dr. Sadhna G

I have a good and honest friend that has been alienated from his son for many many years, and I have seen how it has eaten him up inside. Dishonest, selfish and narcissistic mother serving her own agenda instead of what's best for the child. -Zane W

My son’s mother successfully alienated my son from me. Fortunately, he came back into my life as an adult and we are closer than ever. But the damage she did will scar him for life.

PA is real and the motivation and ability of parents who perpetrate it are obvious. The financial and political motivation of those who falsely disparage it are also obvious. -Fredrick H

I have seen many crooked women extorting husband making child as a tool of extortion. Although father was loving all the time but he was deprived of his child by the legal system. I need to see change in it. Child should has equal rights by both parents.

-Ajay T

Parental alienation is a social disease. Which should be abolished for the holistic development of our future generations -Debashree T

I was a decent, capable, loving and dedicated father.

I faced malicious false allegations and both I and my entire family were Alienated from my two young daughters without reason. -Adam B

Parental alienation is real. It has been proven to exist and it is a coercive controlling device used to perpetrate psychological abuse of the child and alienated parent. Denying it's existence will aid personality disordered parents to continue to use it as a tactic to exact punishment and keep control. Woman also perpetrate alienation. Recognizing the dangers of PA will not give male abusers access to vulnerable children f proper investigation is done of circumstance. I am a women and mother - the victim of parental alienation perpetrated by a possessive, controlling, vengeful man. It is a reality!!! -Roxana F

I am an alienated mother. My children have been psychologically damaged, some of which is likely irreversible. The alienation has stolen their childhood and peace of mind. For years I have dealt with this, along with consistent verbal abuse, false allegations, public humiliating and isolation. Professional after professional has not only abandoned is in fear

-Rael L

Loving parents who experience the alienation of their children know that this report is utter nonsense. Worse still, it fails to protect children who, by their alienation from a loving parent, are being subjected to abuse. Shame on you! -Dan F

Alienation started in my family over 40 years ago. It’s inter-generational and has no gender. The longer we refuse to recognise it for what it truly is, the longer children, the targeted parent and extended families will suffer. Pretending it isn’t happening or is only happening to mothers is dishonest and damaging society as a whole. -Felicity S

If you're looking for proof that Parental Alienation exists and that it affects real families and real lives, this doesn't even scratch the surface. It has been estimated that over 22 Million adults have been the target of parental alienation in the United States alone.

The effects of Parental Alienation can cause irreparable damage to whole family units that can last for generations.

If you would like to make a difference please consider signing this petition before June 19th

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