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Are You an Alienating Parent?

1. Do you consider yourself to be the top authority in your children's lives?

2. Have you made negative comments about the other parent in front of the children?

3. Do you discourage or prevent the children from spending time with the other parent?

4. Have you restricted communication between the children and the other parent?

5. Have you interfered with scheduled visitation or parenting time?

6. Do you criticize or belittle the other parent to the children?

7. Have you involved the children in adult conflicts or legal matters?

8. Do you monitor or control the children's interactions with the other parent?

9. Have you manipulated the children's perception of the other parent?

10. Have you coached the children on what to say or how to act around the other parent?

11. Do you make false allegations against the other parent to the children?

12. Have you disrupted the children's relationship with extended family members on the other parent's side?

13. Do you ignore or disregard the other parent's requests for information or involvement in the children's lives?

14. Have you undermined the authority and decisions of the other parent in front of the children?

15. Do you fail to acknowledge or support the children's positive experiences with the other parent?

16. Have you created loyalty conflicts for the children between you and the other parent?

17. Do you use manipulation or guilt-tripping tactics to turn the children against the other parent?

18. Have you attempted to erase or rewrite the children's memories of past positive experiences with the other parent?

19. Do you prioritize your own emotional needs and grievances over the children's right to a healthy relationship with the other parent?

20. Have you demonstrated a pattern of behavior that seeks to isolate the children from the other parent's influence and love?



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