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Does Your Ex Refuse to Call Your Partner By Name & Will Only Refer to Her as “Girlfriend”

If your ex consistently refers to your current partner as your "girlfriend" and refuses to use her name when talking about her to others and your child, it could be an indication of a few things

Disrespect or disregard: Your ex may be intentionally not using your partner's name to show contempt or disrespect towards her and your relationship. This behavior could stem from unresolved emotions or negative feelings towards you or your partner.

Coercive control: Refusing to acknowledge your partner by name may be a tactic employed in a coercive control dynamic. By belittling or demeaning your partner, your ex may be attempting to exert power and control over you and the situation.

Jealousy or insecurity: Your ex may feel threatened by the presence of your current partner and their role in your life. Refusing to use her name could be a way of downplaying her significance and attempting to undermine the relationship.

Emotional immaturity: Using generic terms like "girlfriend" instead of acknowledging your partner's individuality and identity may indicate a lack of emotional maturity on your ex's part. They might struggle with recognizing and accepting the importance of your partner in your life.

It is important to address this behavior with your ex and communicate your concerns. Open and honest dialogue, supported by professional guidance if necessary, can help navigate this issue and work towards a healthier co-parenting dynamic.



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