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I’ve heard of Parental Alienation but how do I know if it’s happening to me?

If you feel like one of your parents is trying to you against the other parent, there are few things you can watch out for. It's important to remember that it's not healthy for anyone to be manipulated or used against the other parent. Here are some signs to watch for:

1. Negative Comments: If one parent frequently speaks badly about the other parent in front of you, or allows other to speak badly about your other parent in front of you, trying to make you think poorly of them, this could be a red flag.

2. Isolation: If you're being kept away from the other parent without good reason, like physical or sexual abuse, or if plans to see them are often disrupted by the other parent, this could be a sign of alienation.

3. Lack of Independence: If one parent expects you to always take their side or agree with them, even when you don't feel that way, it could be a form of manipulation.

4. Feeling Guilty: If one parent makes you feel guilty for wanting to spend time with the other parent or tries to make you feel bad about loving them, this is a concerning behavior.

5. Emotional Manipulation: If you feel pressured or emotionally manipulated into believing negative things about the other parent, it's important to recognize this and speak up.

If you notice any of these signs, it's crucial to talk to a trusted adult about your feelings. This could be another family member, a counselor, teacher, or even a legal professional. Your well-being is important, and it's essential to address any harmful dynamics that may be happening between your parents. Remember, you have the right to love and have a relationship with both of your parents without feeling pressured or manipulated.



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