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Parental Alienation and Family Court Corruption, It’s The Long Game.

You’re dealing with people void of a conscience, fueled by anger, greed and control, not intelligence. Give them the time they need and they will mess up. You will win in the end if you stay in the game. And if you don’t have an attorney you write emails to the Guardian, the Counselor, the Therapist, your ex’s attorneys, the experts, your ex. (If you do have an attorney write it, send it to them and then have them send it out, and don’t let them tell you that they need to make changes, they just don’t like to step on each others toes and they will charge you to pussyfoot around them).

In those emails you ask the questions and you make the recommendations towards a better life for your children. Be straightforward, be respectful, be strong in your convictions and be patient. Chances are they will all be ignored or denied. Then you bring it all to court with you. You sit them on the stand and you go through every single one of them. Every unanswered question, every disregarded concern and every denied request.

Think of how much fun you’ll have making them answer all the questions they avoided, one after one, while the Judge looks down on them over their glasses. While those who will be in the hot seat next, fear their turn.

And don't forget their bill, you will get a lot of information off there. Such as when they charged you to read your email but didn't respond.

Their plan is to make you cave. To make you walk away with your tail between your legs. They don’t believe they will ever face what they’ve done. That’s what makes them so dangerous to your family.

And then when it’s all said and done you and your children will go out to a nice dinner with the money paid back to you by your ex for the manipulative game they just played with their own children’s lives and future.

Then you sue them.

And use the money to help your family repair the damage that has been caused. And sorry, but this includes your ex. Your children are truly better off with both parents. The good, the bad and the ugly. It’s how they learn, it’s how they adapt. (Minus proven by a court of law, sexual or physical abuse) and even in those cases a child may still want a relationship with that parent and there are trained professionals who can be with your children on that journey as well. It is their journey to choose.

We are all born with a desire a longing for both of our parents, a desire given by God himself. No parent has the ability to remove that from within their child. Not even the bad ones. And I can say this from great experience on the topic.

Now some children will find the desire and ability to hide it out of self preservation, but that’s for another day.


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Joe Goldberg
Joe Goldberg
26 de mai.

Greetings to All Members of the Group


Goldberg & Associates just presented a workshop titled:

Dissociative Disorders In Children And Adolescents Associated

With Exposure To High Conflict Child Custody Disputes, 4/28,

at the University of Toronto.



This groundbreaking scientific research now disconfirms the

theory of Parental Alienation and explains the " resist/refuse "

dynamic between children ( that are strongly attached to one

parent, and ) rejecting a parent they refuse contact with; and

why these children have a state of amnesia that now can be

explained for the first time in this workshop.


See a trailer from the workshop at the link below.



We urge you to understand how child abuse…

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