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So the Narcissistic Parent Won in Court and You, the Alienated Parent Got Supervised Visits…

If a narcissistic parent wins a court ruling that grants supervised communication between the alienated parent and their child, given their narcissistic tendencies, here are some possible ways they could react.

Sense of victory: The narcissistic parent may feel a sense of triumph and validation from winning the court ruling. They may see it as proof that their actions were justified and that they have control over the situation. They may also use this to prove to your child that "they" are right about them.

Display of superiority: The narcissistic parent might use the ruling as an opportunity to assert their dominance and superiority over the alienated parent. They may boast about their "victory" and belittle the alienated parent, further enforcing their power dynamic. Don't be surprised if they call your parents and mutual friends to tell them that the courts have deemed you unsafe or unfit.

Manipulative behavior during supervised visits: Despite the supervision, the narcissistic parent may try to manipulate the situation. They may attempt to subtly undermine the alienated parent or use subtle tactics to exert their influence over the child's perception of the situation.

Exploiting the rules: The narcissistic parent may look for loopholes or ways to exploit the supervised communication arrangement. They might try to push the boundaries of the rules or find ways to gain more control or influence over the child during these supervised interactions.

Continuing alienation tactics: It is important to note that the narcissistic parent may not stop their alienating behaviors . They may continue to engage in a campaign of denigration against the alienated parent, spread false information, or work to turn others against them.

It's essential to remember that individuals with narcissistic traits can exhibit a range of behaviors, and their specific reactions may vary. However, these are some common patterns observed when a narcissistic parent obtains a favorable court ruling in cases involving alienation.



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