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Why Narcissists Feel They Must Have Sole Custody of Their Children.

Narcissists may feel they must have sole custody of their children for several reasons, some of which may be driven by their personality traits and behaviors:

Narcissists often have an intense need for control and dominance in their relationships. Seeking sole custody may be a way for them to maintain power over their children and exert control over the other parent.

Narcissists thrive on attention, admiration, and validation from others. They may see having sole custody as a way to ensure that they are the primary focus of their children's lives, thus fulfilling their need for constant validation.

Narcissists are often very concerned with their public image and how they are perceived by others. Having sole custody of their children may help them maintain the facade of being a perfect parent and mask any shortcomings or abusive behaviors.

Narcissists are skilled manipulators who may use custody battles as a way to further manipulate and control the other parent. By seeking sole custody, they may be attempting to punish the other parent and maintain a sense of superiority over them.

Narcissists typically lack empathy for others and may not consider the best interests of their children when seeking sole custody. Their focus is often on fulfilling their own needs and desires, rather than considering what is truly best for the children.

When dealing with a narcissistic parent in a custody dispute, it is essential to prioritize the well-being and best interests of the children involved.


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