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An Alienated Father “I Have Lost Hope In The Justice System”

I have 6 children 5 of whom after being abducted by their mother by being lied to and mislead, returned to me last year July. Since then my youngest who still sadly resides with his mother despite their being clear concerns around her mental health and ability to care for him has been alienated against me and his siblings for just under a year now. My son went from sharing a room on a detached house with his brothers to sharing a bedroom with my ex wife. The home is occupied by her father who has a history or violence and radical Islamic beliefs. He is now being brought up to be a radical Muslim who hates any other faith while I am powerless to do anything about it. Despite me making contact with social services, police and other agencies my cries and pleas have fallen on death ears.

My child is surrounded by sexual predators, abusers and radicals while both myself and his siblings fear for his wellbeing.

His school, GP were changed without my consent and the courts have taken no notice of this. Instead they chose to focus on the false accusations she spewed towards me when I made the court application to gain access to our son who she refused to allow me any contact with while ignoring our 5 other children!!!

Despite being married for 20 years and no record of any foul play on my part, her legal aid solicitor and barrister have continued to lie and mislead the court into painting me out as an unfit father.

The court recommended a S7 report which was recently completed and the Cafcass officer who visited us had clearly been swayed by the false allegations made by my ex wife and it was evident that she was not concerned about our children's best interest, rather she has taken the side of my ex wife without any justification or evidence to prove any of the allegations made against me.

What hurts most is, the same person who has been trying to force my children to dislike me for the past few years, is no with the help of legal aid and the court system accusing me of Parental Alienation. The sheer audacity is rather disturbing!

I have lost hope in the justice system which I have paid my taxes into for over 25 years and feel like it is an unjust and unfair system that supports misandry and promotes the alienating of fathers. Cafcass, Legal Aid, Women’s Aid and the Family Courts need to be thoroughly investigated as many fathers in my position are driven to the point of suicide as a result of the practices of system that is designed to protect them.

Alienate Parent



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