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An Alienated Mother’s Story

It's been 382 days since I've seen my little girls. Custody and all visitation were stripped from me although there has never been concern of abuse or neglect in my care.

My ex-husband, Dad, was given full custody despite his drug and alcohol abuse, criminal history of pedophilia, child pornography and criminal domestic violence against me in front of our girls, not to mention exposing our little girls to his sexual encounters pornography and instructing our girls, 8 and 10 at the time, to sleep with unrelated boys ages 12 and 15.

My youngest daughter came home with traumatic vaginal injuries in April, 2023. I asked Horry County Courts to help protect my girls with reports from medical professionals. Custody was stripped from me before a month passed.

I have complied with all court ordered demands and still unable to get my girls home.

The GAL and the Judge (listed on "Protective Mother's Revolution" website Wall of Shame as actively interfering with relationships between protective parents and give to 'domestic terrorists').

I am desperate. I need help to get our little girls back to the loving stable home they were stolen from, knowingly on my youngest daughter's 9th birthday.

I would love to share my story to help prevent other families from the clutches of the Abuse of Power exercised by the attorneys and judges involved in my case and hopefully draw enough attention to help my little girls return home safely.


-An Alienated Mother



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