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An Alienated Parent’s Response to Our Question.

It was found and noted by cafcass, that our child's mother purposely had purchased a blank writing book, and instructed our daughter to write only negative memories within it. This aparently was happening every time, our daughter returned back from our time together.

It was noted by the cafcass women that this was highly irregular and that she didn't understand why mother needed to coerce our daughter into writing wholey negative thoughts about her father within this book. This was subsequently presented to the guardian as part of the evidence of Parental Alienation.

This had been after the court here in the UK had previously instructed a child psychotherapist due to alienating behaviours being found after two indepth cafcass addendum report's. Our daughter was currently at the stage of entering the second phase of therapy reunification but due to the extreme alienating behaviours intensifying during the drawn out court procedure (partially due to covid restrictions) a guardian was advised by the psychologist.

However, tragically this backfired, as the guardian who was instructed, not only failed to accept all the clear evidence of Parental Alienation in the 2 reports, but also biasly sided with the alienating mother and subsequently our, enmeshed, coercively controlled and split (splitting response) daughters thoughts, feelings and wishes.

This meant the court had no alternative but to send it to a contested hearing. During that time, my solicitors contacting me saying that mother had said to court that our daughter would kill herself, if she was made to live with her father.

At this point, and after nearly 2 and a half years in court, I decided to stop all proceedings. I was devastated, along with my mum, sisters and nephew, but we could not continue - despite knowing that it was mother's tricks - for the immediate safety of our daughters mental health.

Since then, I have set up Understanding Parental Alienation Worldwide over the last 2 and a half years to raise awareness of the issues of Parental Alienation.



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