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Have You Been Involved in “Family” Court? What Was Your Experience? Would You Recommend it to Other Families?

This is what other parents are saying about our "family" Court System.

The judge was totally incompetent. Went by everything my wife said. Not seen or heard from my kids for years. #RacistJudgeGartland

Family court is the circus of all courts. They believe tears over facts. Proof means nothing, they only care about feelings

Family court is a business. All they care about is sell your kids back to you.

My ex attacked me 4 times. twice in front of our child. On videotape. DA gave her a misdemeanor for "disturbing the peace" and let her keep joint custody.

Stay away from it at all costs. consult all the elders in your child's life to come together and create a plan that ALL agree. Because the courts don't do what's in your child's best interests

If it was a restaurant I doubt I'd give it a Michelin Star

It’d warrant a visit from environmental health in my opinion.

Don't go. it's a waste of time and money. and once orders are in place it makes life more difficult to see your kids.

Yeah yeah of course, years and years of endless fun for the whole family! 🙄 The entire system is a shambles with only one interest in mind. 💰

4 court cases, crapcass, thousands of wasted pounds, 8 yrs if my life and mental health gone!

Came to write the very same! Such a complete waste! We have no help down the road if we were married to a lunatic!

I recommend you steer clear from the Family Court. It’s useless.

No I wouldn't recommend it, it allows the controlling abuser to continue to control and abuse the other person.

Courts are for abusive parents to control the other parent

No it is about lies and false allegations and judges feeling sorry for the parent who is committing osychological abuse

Never!!! mine was terrible and I still have to go back. he kidnapped my kids for 90 days and all I was told was attend mediation

The most bias unjust system ever to exist. The children are rarely truely considered.

They dont care about the truth in my opinion

I will never step another foot in that court.. It breaks a part of you that you will never get back.. and makes it very hard to be a parent afterwards

Why are we allowing a court to dictate our children? Did they give birth? Did they pay for their upbringing?

No!! We are Traumatised from Family Court 🥺

Worst place I’ve ever encountered because they don’t seem to understand how dangerous it is, feels intentional to harm

Currently dealing with the family court here in Harris County, Houston, TX. Worst experience ever 😔

Fk Noooo! Corrupt af!

Stay out of court, try and negotiate by yourselves, or have a trusted advisor like a church deacon or counselor help meditate, avoid the crooked lawyers and judges, they are not your friends

Unfortunately family court has empowered an abusive father, and our son is so enmeshed he rejects me and the rest of the family. I understand he’s protecting himself, but FC keeps him in the abuse. 💔

I stupidity thought they would help. only made it worse🥺

Pasco county look out get out side help another county or state state another state Florida sucks

Absolutely not! Dealing with it for almost 5 years!

They don’t care about the children all they care about is how much money they make for themselves and the attorneys

Were lies are rewarded and the truth doesn’t matter

Disaster 💯

I’ll say this, court room & judge was a joke. Decision was made before the judge ever walked in courtroom.

Nope lost all 3 of my kids… not worth it

Waste of everyone’s time and money, absolute disgrace in this time and age

Theirs no help in family court, better off getting two lawyers to draft up something binding. Family court is corrupt & they aren’t in the business of doing what’s best for the child.

Family court is a joke. it helps destroy the people that are looking out for the best interests of the children. the liars get believed

Nightmare experience Till date😡

I have never been in Family Court. But I have heard some pretty bad stuff from people that have been. 🥴

No monsters to me treated so badly by them case worker

Fought for years. Had 110 pages of proof and videos showing her abuse. They didn’t care.

Nope, mediation with an arbitration clause was much better for my family.

I personally have not, but helped a few men I knew through it. I would never recommend it, it needs to be abolished, this system has killed more woman, children and men than anything else. they need to be charged, held accountable for their actions, allow all parents and children wronged by this system to have them charged and put in jail.. they have too much blood on their hands

Save your money on attorneys. They sponsor the corrupt judges

No way. $120,000 and 2 years alienated only to get no contact with my children because the judge let them decide if they wanted a relationship with their dad. Evil place.

The family court favours the mother and they don't care if she is using the children and parent alienation so sad this court can't help Dads more

No way. use a mediator or someone like a co-parenting companion or counsellor

Nope it's a mind field of pain and misery for the parents 😥😥

I can agree with Chanel 4 The Family Court is not fit for purpose after spending 4 years for my daughters wishes to be heard, and she was completely ignored

Huge cost and painfully slow. But you have to fight for what is right and for the innocent children embroiled in the parents mess

Courts aren't fit for purpose, but when you are forced to go as the freak is making me then I'm given no choice

So far its been used for punishment. my advice is to get everything in the court order. including phone calls. they're being used as punishment in my case.

Worst experience of my life. Took everything from me house kids money and gave it all to an abusive mother. Bias system. Your better to just walk away and hope for the best in the following years

Terrible experience- would not recommend- been in 7 years

No I wouldn’t recommend it system is totally broken

Family court is not helpful for the children or the “victims “ of parental alienation. Even with a burden of proof the courts are not willing or able to see the real story behind the scene.

Family Court is not recommended for anyone — co-operation; compromise; mediation — the parents need to act like adults and do what’s best for the kids

Horrible and I would never recommend it to anyone. They system is in need of an overhaul

Family court is pay to play. The partner with money does not need to heed the court. They can use lawyers to find ways to do what they want

Not what I expected. ,

Absolutely not family court is a joke. 3x court appearance and gets put off to another date why just why ?!

Stay away from family court. civilized people don't need court dictation. and when they do they raise your kids for you.

The judges in family courts are globalist criminals supporters promoters of total destruction of the family unit and are focusing on destroying men to achieve their henious goals .

Don’t do it. They won’t help you and no one gives any kind of crap about the safety of your children. Their all in on the crookedness It’s insane

Family court is in the business of doing what’s best for the court which is made up of judges layers & prosecutors. Kids are just the objects used to create the business.

Useless. criminals

No way, definitely not

Male. Don't bother. just heart break over and over again. I record videos on their bday Xmas etc to show them I was their for them even when I couldn't be ( "allowed") I'll show them wen theyr adults

Absolute worst low level legal system ever.

I’m going through it right now family court is rigged to strip any financial assets you have to make their brothers and sisters in the courtroom Rich.

Criminal organization kidnapping kids and turning man into slave and if you don’t want to be a slave they will jail you…know your rights and stand up💪💪💪

I lost everything and I’m still paying and going to court knowing nothing will change in my favor. Absolutely sad and heartbreaking

This is a neccessary evil for some parents as if you dont go to court your kids are thrown to the wolves. Courts, social services, cafcass need a full overhaul, bringing in line gender equality!

Destroyer of children’s lives and a self serving gravy train ..!

Lies after lies, cover up after cover-up. corrupt judges, lawyers and GAL kangaroo court to say thr least

The only place where criminals have more rights

What do you think? What has your experience with the "Family" Court System been like? Leave your comments below.



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If you have the opportunity to handle your family’s needs outside the “Family” Court that should be the route you take. The Courts do not do what is best for your family they do what’s best for their wallets.

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