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What are some financial setbacks you have personally suffered from because of custody proceedings?

Graphic from Parental Alienation Warriors Group on Facebook

Real Answers From Real Targeted Parents, Of Parental Alienation

Lost my apartment. Temporarily homeless with a newborn in tow at the time.

Everything but my life. My job, my health, my savings, my peace of mind, my home, vehicles, friendships and family. 13 yrs and going.

25 years being self employed. lost two businesses, the rest of my family, my dog, my home, my credit score and a big part of my sanity.

Repo. Job loss.

Was approved to buy a house. Had to spend the money on lawyers and court instead. Meanwhile, our homes are NOT equal.

The worst part of this 😥😥 you lose friends, health most important your self...familly will not know this part of you ...theý will not now how to react 😥

They are about to force me and CHILD to be HOMELESS and BANKRUPT including forfeiting student loans, ignoring counsellors. I don't get it.

Buisness, job, home, kids, my soul and the life I once had . My mind , confidence .

I lost $645,000

I had to cash out retirement, sell home.

Lost about 200k in money and property had to spend just over 30k in family court. I'm proven innocent of any crime and have been a proven that I have been a victim. My elder child has proven to be a victim of alienation and now has very bad mental health, my younger child I get fortnightly even though he begged everyone to live with me

Have you suffered financial setbacks due to the incompetent "Family" Court System? Leave your comments below.



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