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Who’s Stopping You From Seeing Your Kids? What The Alienated Parents Are Saying.

7 years. Not seen or heard their voice. Don’t even get a picture of my kids.

my ex and a judge

2years and waiting 😢😢😢😢😢

Almost 3 years!

the mum and social services

after a false accusation of of heinous actions and clearing my name and my ex alienating me from my daughters, I am terrified to reach out to my kids for fear of rejection. It's me........

Ex wife and her family. 2 years. Jealousy and spite .

the other parent

My ex just one day moved outta state against the order and never got punished . Stopped visitation by not showing . No repercussion. This time I haven’t seen or Spoken to them in 7 months . Last time

Was 2&1/2 years . She blocks my phone number . Courts don’t care . They give kids to the abuser

my b wife 1 year 5 months

10 months . All b/c I called her ex husbands to finally here their side & boy O Boy I found out the Truth. The next day she filed 4 false assault allegations & got a tro granted & thanks to cali courts they’re backed up. She can end it right now but her character her reputation as a fake is on the line

reading comments is very stressful. do not lose hope guys. i am in same situation but keep fighting for my children from last 4yrs.

my ex wife because I got remarried. she took our daughter to Mexico 3 years ago.

My ex, 7 months…refuses mediation, refuses contact centre (even though it’s not needed) simply says ‘no’ as she has a new relationship. 😔

my ex. almost 6 motnhs because i wont sign for a passport so he can relocate to NZ, hes witheld her and refused contact with me after painting me as an abuser to everyone so he could actively cheat. We are going to family court because he declined to give me any access at mediation unless i signed the passport application, so far he is refusing to respond in a timely manner

My x. 5 years..

My kids mom

They want a mental evaluation and because they believed I was coaching my daughter and projecting a my sa abuse as a child that i never experienced. i was falsely accused all because i gave her a voice

9 years this month! My ex husband moved our children, then moved them again once I followed. Court is in July again.

Their father when I did nothing wrong made all kinds of lies up in family court had mom pay for a lawyer who lied for him too

My ex, 3 years

4 Years

Their mom… I've not seen my daughter since 2020 and my boys 2022 and 2023. I gave up and moved away in hopes that their mom would stop bad mouthing me to them

4yrs since i last spent time with all three of my children together, crazy covid, and the reason no time since… ask the ex-wife? illogical.

my ex And a default court order. She refuses to cooperate. Forcing me to take her to mediation. It's been ongoing for 7 years. Criminal attorneys belong in jail. Family court is failing.


I've seen my 2 boys twice since December 2022! I just saw them the 1st time in January and then finally again 2 weeks ago. (3hrs/visit) false allegations, 1000's of dollars in legal fees! dads lose 😞

I tried to pick my kids up from him for my holiday week with them 11/19/2020 he arrested me for trespassing. (I had a court order). Been an extreme mess since then. He criminalized me.

my Narsasist mom 💰

My ex husband "legally" kidnapped my children from South Africa and took them to Saudi Arabia without my permission and against their will it has been almost two years that we have seen each other.

a corrupt judge and my child's mother for four and a half years

2423 days…psycho, controlling narcissist ex that lies, lies, lies so that my kids want nothing to do with me. I simply can’t take it anymore

13 years, poisoned by their cheating mother. Brutal case of Parental Alienation she's a prototypical BPD to the extreme

Their toxic sick mother.

My ex and her whole family…. and the court system is designed to support the abusive parent

My ex, 5 months since I last see my boy

The lies told in the court it’s a degrace to say a court is supposed to listen to the truth and find the truth 2 years now with out my amazing to kids

My ex the further she moves my kids the more money she makes for her and her multiple partners with her 304 life style 😳👌

11 years and 11 months replaced by a Secretary "Office wife" CEO Father created false narratives to our joint 3 children who were teenagers and bought out of my life as their mother / Teacher.

Quote👇 @Pia Henriette: He said If I can't hurt you on your money I will do this with the Kids noice what was the first most important for this man / I could never do this energy to the Father of our 3 children now adults.

Their father is for 2 years 7 months

my ex wife and her solicitor.

there momma

My ex and his current partner plotted too do telephone harassment no contact need a third party too communication and my kids are autistic and they stole their ssi checks

My ex girlfriend it's been 2 1/2 yrs because I moved on

The ex never stopped me, just brainwashed our child with absolutely incorrect information, so that they took the father’s side. Now our child won’t speak to me or text me.

My ex be almost 10 months I have a court order still being ignored so much for family court

Childs mother, it's been 3 yrs 2 of them on a BS restraining order that was all lies. But because she's a x chromosome she wins. Y's don't matter to the government because we have to pay for everythin

My wife… I haven’t seen them in 2 months 😒(she’s 2 months pregnant)

My wife I haven’t seen my son since January 18 I had to do jail time for a dui now I’m in rehab she says my 8 yr old son doesn’t want to talk to me she won’t answer my calls and only text there busy

December 10th 2023..The mother of my 15 year old autistic daughter

Soon approaching 2yrs NC, the person is the father, he’s proven to be extremely mentally unwell and manipulative over our child’s entire life of 16yrs. 💔👎🏻

Are you being kept from your kids? Leave a comment below.


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Greetings to All Members of the Group


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Dissociative Disorders In Children And Adolescents Associated

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This groundbreaking scientific research now disconfirms the

theory of Parental Alienation and explains the " resist/refuse "

dynamic between children ( that are strongly attached to one

parent, and ) rejecting a parent they refuse contact with; and

why these children have a state of amnesia that now can be

explained for the first time in this workshop.


See a trailer from the workshop at the link below.



We urge you to understand how child abuse…

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